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Its unique formula with the largest and safest dose on the market is made of 100% natural substances that will provide many reasons to be proud of yourself.

Plant from the caltrop family, found in Africa, Asia, Australia, and Central and Southern Europe. It contains natural substances (steroid saponins, flavonoids, and plant alkaloids), which stimulate production of testosterone, actively affecting the pituitary gland.

Amino acid that increases micro-circulation and production of nitric oxide in the body, taking an active part in the synthesis of important physiological processes, such as blood pressure. L-Arginine increases blood flow in the blood vessels, thus actively increasing penis size. The amino acid is an effective antioxidant that has protective and preventive effects, simultaneously reducing the risk of heart diseases, infarctions, strokes, and diabetes.

Used for centuries, it’s a natural extract from the “tree of potency” found in the Amazon basin. This extract contains valuable essential oils, triterpenes, muirapuamine, and plant sterols. Active ingredients contained in the preparation increase libido, prevent problems associated with premature ejaculation, reduce stress, and activate the body’s immune system.

Extracts from the palm accelerate regenerative and immunological processes of the body, slow down the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, as well as have anti-inflammatory effects and slow the natural aging processes. Substances contained in Saw Palmetto reduce tension of the urinary tract smooth muscle, thereby improving flexibility of the tissues of the prostate gland.

Plant used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years and found in Siberia, Southeastern China, Sakhalin Island, Japan, and parts of Korea. Contains eleutherococcus, i.e., natural substances that regulate hormonal processes, reduce stress levels, activate nervous system, stimulate immune system, positively affect the psycho-physical efficiency of organism, and strengthen the libido.

Strongest preparation manufactured according to the highest standards.

– Phallomax penis enlargement and potency pills are prepared safely and have successfully passed a series of advanced laboratory tests and obtained the COA certificate.

– Preparation was done according to EU standards, ISO 22000, HACCP, and according to the Dutch standard of NZVT guarantee of quality.

– The manufacturing process of Phallomax pills is done according to GMP standards.

Once you have decided to purchase Phallomax pills, you can be absolutely sure that you made the right choice. We ensure specific effects with the guarantee of safety, since the health of our customers remains our highest priority.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Phallomax pills are designed for penis enlargement and potency with the largest dose of natural substances on the market, the effectiveness of which was proven during laboratory tests.

People taking Phallomax stated that they feel a distinct increase in libido and sexual possibilities (erection and intercourse frequency), having the penile organ enlarged by another inch or two.


Only people with circulatory problems, heart diseases, and diabetes should not take Phallomax pills. If you don’t have such diseases, taking Phallomax is safe – provided that you take a dose recommended by the manufacturer.

If you take the pills according to manufacturer recommendations, use doesn’t cause any side effects. There may be rare cases of sleepiness/sleeplessness or low-degree dizziness, but, again, these occur on very rare occasions.


Laboratory tests confirm the effectiveness of Phallomax pills and, most importantly, experiences of men around the world confirm that, too. Obviously, we don’t provide specific numbers as a guaranteed value, since the penis enlarging process depends on individual conditions.


We can state that regular intake of Phallomax pills for at least 3 months provides a bigger penis – growth by another 1-2 inches.

The first effects are already visible after 1-2 weeks of taking Phallomax.


You don’t have to apply any special diet or to give up alcohol, nicotine, or your favorite spices. It is worthwhile to pay attention to a light and diversified diet, an active lifestyle, and a bit of control in consumption of alcoholic beverages. This will optimize the effect of preparation and will help you achieve desired effects more quickly.


Universal packaging gives you full privacy, as there are no markings that could reveal any contents inside. Your privacy is our priority.

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