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Certified and fully safe preparation, thanks to which you will gain a few additional inches and increase your potency. You will therefore:

- increase your size by up to 7cm
- discover new dimension of sexual possibilities
- impress your Partner with strong potency
- derive more joy from sex
- improve your physical fitness

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How to enlarge your Penis?

Pure potency and effective penis enlargement closed in one pill. Phallomax provides a largest dose of the most powerful ingredients which help to achieve a specific effects that you will be able to accurately measure – both literally and figuratively.

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Certified preparation

Safe and tested in laboratory preparation of proven performance. Phallomax treatment in just 2 months will already let you feel a distinct rise of vital forces, and after 3-4 months to enjoy an extra length.

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Make the right decision

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Choose Phallomax - the only effective pills for penis enlargement and potency issues.

Its unique formula, the largest and safest dose on the market made of 100% natural substances
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Remember, that big penis means great possibilities, and larger libido... You'll see!
Thanks to the optimum formula of Phallomax pills:

  • you will gain additional length, which will let you take your Partner into a seventh heaven of pleasure
  • you will raise your sexual efficiency and strengthen libido
  • you will forget about erectile disorders
  • you will get rid of complexes
  • you will feel more efficient and well rested

Penis enlargement pills without a prescription

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Largest dose of masculinity

Phallomax penis enlargement and potency pills are 100% natural preparation, which provides a specific effects confirmed with laboratory tests.

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Satisfaction in XL size

Our unique formulation contains known and proven ingredients combined in optimal proportions, which provide the desired results and highest safety standards.

Get to know the composition
of Phallomax - a blend of the most effective ingredients

  • Tribulus Terrestris
    Tribulus Terrestris

    plant from the caltrop family, found in Africa, Asia, Australia and Centre and South Europe. It contains natural substances (steroid saponins, flavonoids and plant alkaloids), which stimulate production of testosterone, actively affecting the pituitary gland.

  • L-Arginine

    amino acid that increases micro-circulation and production of nitric oxide in the body, taking an active part in the synthesis of important physiological processes, such as blood pressure. L-Arginine increases blood flow in the blood vessels, thus actively increases the size of penis. The amino acid is an effective antioxidant that has protective and preventive effects, simultaneously reducing the risk of heart diseases, infarctions, strokes and diabetes.

  • Muira Puama
    Muira Puama

    used for centuries, a natural extract from "tree of potency", found in the Amazon basin. This extract contains valuable essential oils, triterpenes, muirapuamine and plant sterols. Active ingredients contained in the preparation increase libido, prevent problems associated with premature ejaculation, reduce stress and activate the body's immune system.

  • Saw Palmetto
    Saw Palmetto

    extracts from the palm accelerate regenerative and immunological processes of the body, slow down the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, as well as have anti-inflammatory effect and slow the natural ageing processes. Substances contained in Saw Palmetto reduce tension of urinary tract smooth muscle; thereby improve flexibility of the tissues of prostate gland.

  • Siberian Ginseng
    Siberian Ginseng

    plant used in Chinese medicine from thousands of years – found in the area of Siberia, South-Eastern China, Sakhalin Island, Japan and the part of Korea. Contains eleutherococcus, i.e. natural substances that regulate hormonal processes, reduce stress levels, activate nervous system, stimulate immune system, positively affect the psycho-physical efficiency of organism and strengthen the libido.

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Potency pills under the microscope


In order to provide all necessary information and allow you to take conscious decision, we present details of Phallomax composition.


- Phallomax penis enlargement and potency pills actively affect the cardiovascular system, therefore preparation isn't recommended for people with hypertension.

- Exceeding recommended by the manufacturer daily dose may affect a level of potassium in the body, increase acidity of the stomach and blood-glucose level, therefore preparation isn't recommended for diabetics and people from the high-risk group of diabetes.

- Exceeding recommended dose may cause a sleeping disorder, thirst, dry mouth, nausea or dizziness.

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Strongest preparation manufactured according to the highest standards

- Phallomax penis enlargement and potency pills are a safe preparation, which successfully passed a series of advanced laboratory tests and obtained the COA certificate.

- Preparation was manufactured according to EU standards, ISO 22000, HACCP and according to the Dutch standard of NZVT guarantee of quality.

- The manufacturing process of Phallomax pills is held according to GMP standards.

Once you have decided to purchase Phallomax pills you can be absolutely sure that you made the right choice. We ensure specific effects with the guarantee of safety, since the health of our Customers remains as a highest priority for us.

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Maximum dose of masculinity
without prescription


and remember that size matters


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