Do I need to pay anything?

Absolutely not! Phallomax affiliate program is completely free to join.

Can anybody join?

Yes. Phallomax affiliate program is available to everyone. There’s only one requirement – you need to have a PayPal account, so we can pay you the money.

How to start making money?

It’s as simple as it really is. Copy your affiliate link and spread it across the internet. You can do it easily by commenting blogs, participating on forums, engaging with Facebook groups or sharing the link via other social media sites, like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc. Possibilities are endless!

If you’re a site owner, pick a banner from your account dashboard, copy the code and paste it on your website. It’s that easy!

Note: Phallomax can be used by adults only. Please refrain from advertising our product to anyone under 18 years old.

What’s a cookies expiration date?

Here comes the best part: your affiliate link cookie is valid for 365 days! Even if a customer you referred to us on 1st of January decides to place an order on the 31st of December, your commission will still be added to your account balance. How cool is that?

When will I get paid?

We process all payouts on 15th of each month. Because we pay via PayPal, your money will arrive on the same day.

Is 30% commission permanent?

Yes! Every single successful purchase made through your affiliate link will result in 30% of the amount paid by customer added to your account balance.

I’m ready to join. Where do I go?

Awesome! CLICK HERE to create your affiliate account and we will see you on the other side!